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African Studies Program - University Pittsburgh (P.A./USA)
Titre: African Studies Program - University Pittsburgh (P.A./USA)
Auteur(s): University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Résumé: The African Studies program offers both the Undergraduate and Graduate Certificates designed for students interested in learning more about Africa and expanding their knowledge and understanding. The courses of study provide students with the opportunity to widen their perspectives and understanding of Africa’s social, political and economic systems and deepen their insights into the profound impact of African societies on many countries in Europe and America. Students are also presented with an opportunity for in-depth study in specific areas of their professional and research interests and are encouraged to explore the numerous programs available for studying abroad in an African country. [according to site editor's information]
Mots-clés: africanistique / études africaines; philologie africaine / linguistique africaine; formation supérieure; université
Pays: Afrique. Ressources Générales
Sujet(s): Éducation et recherche » Enseignement supérieur et instituts de recherche
Types de source: Universités et facultés
Langue(s): anglais
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