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Map Kibera
Titre: Map Kibera
Auteur(s): Hagen, Erica; Maron, Mikel
Résumé: Map Kibera has produced the first complete free and open map of Kibera. In November 2009, local motivated young people learned to create maps using OpenStreetMap techniques. This included surveying with GPS, and digitization of satellite imagery and paper based annotation with Walking Papers. Individuals from the blossoming Nairobi tech scene helped train and make connections with the larger community, and created a sustainable group of map maintainers beyond the initial three week November effort. Data consumers were consulted for their needs, to help add direction to feature types collected, and aided to immediately make use of the map data. In April 2010, Map Kibera started two media and local news reporting groups formed to elaborate on information in Kibera. Kibera News Network uses handheld Flip video cameras to record local news and stories and edit videos to post on Youtube and share in the community.Voice of Kibera uses Ushahidi software to map local stories and reports onto the Kibera map, and serve as a local information hub. Both groups are led by Kibera youth. [according to site editor's information]
Mots-clés: données géographiques; bidonville; Kibera; cartographie
Pays: Kenya
Sujet(s): Information et médias » Technologies de l´information et de la communication;
Histoire et géographie » Géographie
Types de source: Blogs;
Cartes uniques
Langue(s): anglais
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