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Plusieurs articles du Dr Essono sur l'éducation, les langues et les nouvelles technologies d'information et de communication en Afrique et plus spécialement eau Cameroun. Pour plus d'information sur l'auteur voir: communication [rédaction ilissAfrica]
The Campus Numérique Francophone de Bamako is a French programme that aims at supporting Malian university and research institutions in the use of new information and communication technologies. [editors ilissAfrica]
"Originally founded by Prof. Dieter Riemenschneider in the 1970s and now directed by Prof. Frank Schulze-Engler, the department is dedicated to teaching and research in the area of anglophone literatures in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific as well as Black ... [supplemented]
"Voices of Africa is a training programme initiated by Voices of Africa Media Foundation. Its goal is to empower you African men and women with limited media experience to pursue a career as community reporter. Central to the training programme is the potential of the mobile phone as a powerful reporting ... [according to site editor’s information]
Dossier du journal électronique "France-Mail-Forum" sur les contes et légendes en Afrique francophone. A la fin, le lecteur trouve une vaste bibliographie sélectionnée [Rédaction Guiderom]
Repository of the University of Cadiz, Spain, with a lot of free scientific fulltexts (theses, journa articles, ...). [editors ilissAfrica]
Site secondaire du site web "L'aménagement linguistique dans le monde" consacré à la situation linguistique et la politique linguistique dans la "République centrafricaine"; le français est langue officielle avec la langue autochtone du "Sango" [Rédaction Guiderom]
Homepage of a French linguist who does research on sociolinguistic topics in Mali (Bamanankan / Bambara) and France. Many of her published articles can be downloaded as fulltexts for free. [editors ilissAfrica]
"’s mission is to make digital books available to all in the developing world". A pilot project was initiated in Ghana. The website offers you information and reports on the project. [editors ilissAfrica]
This Filipino journal suprisingly provides a platform for many Nigerian researchers and topics. One focus is on Nigerian oral literature and tradition.
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