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Emory Libraries - Guides Subjects - African Studies
Title: Emory Libraries - Guides Subjects - African Studies
Creator: Emory University <Atlanta, Ga.> / Libraries
Abstract: The Emory University offers you a guide to African Studies resources. [editors ilissAfrica]
Table of contents: • African News Research Guide• African Studies Film Guide• African Studies Primary Sources• African Studies Research Guide• ARTHIST 365 Postcolonial African Art• Electronic Data Center: Selected Data Resources for SOC 389-002/AFS 389-004 (Economic Development in Africa)• History 489R: Slavery and Its Aftermath in West Africa and Brazil
Keywords: Science; information source
Countries: Africa. General Resources
Subject areas: Information & Media » Generalities;
Information & Media » Libraries, Archives, Museums
Location of the site's editor: USA
Resource type: Libraries;
Web Portals, Virtual Libraries, Subject Gateways;
Other Factual Reference Works
Language: English
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