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African Diaspora Archaeology Network (ADAN)
Title: African Diaspora Archaeology Network (ADAN)
Creator: African Diaspora Archaeology Network; Fennell, Chris
Abstract: On this website you will above all find many links concerning archaeology, not only of the African diaspora but also in Africa. Under "Research > African Archaeology, History and Cultures" you will not only find many links, but also many fulltext documents, among others about archaeology in different African countries. Besides the archaeology focus, there is also a focus on African and diaspora religions. [editors ilissAfrica]
Table of contents: Excerpt: Adaptation and Cultural Innovation in Africa, African Archaeological Review, African Archaeology at U. Illinois, African Archaeology Resources , African Archaeology Resources , African Heritage and Archaeology, An Archaeology Study in Africa , Archaeological Research in Northeastern Nigeria, Archaeology in Benin , Archaeology in Nigeria: Curriculum Issues , Archaeology in Sudan , Archaeology in Togo, West Africa , Archaeology in Tropical Sub-Saharan Africa , Archaeology of Fugitive Slave Communities in Kenya , Archaeology of Imperialism in Uganda , Ass'n of Southern African Prof. Archaeoloists, Bibliography of Precolonial Metalworking , Cultural Heritage Commemoration in Uganda , Dig Nubia , Gambia River’s Atlantic Trade Sites , Great Zimbabwe, Historical Archaeology Research Group, South Africa, History and Archaeology in Africa, by Jan Vansina, History and Archaeology in Africa, Response by P. Robertshaw, Ironworking and Ethnoarchaeology in Mali , Kingdom of Kush , Kongo Iron: Symbolic Power, Superior Technology , Kormantse, Ghana: Cultural Identities , Lost Communities of Ouidah, Madi and the Dufile Research Project, Uganda , Mandara Mountains Region, Cameroon and Nigeria, Middle Niger River Valley Research, Nubia's Glory and People , Resources , Nyame Akuma Archaeology Bulletin, Precolonial Metalworking in Africa , Settlement Archaeology in Nigeria, Society of Africanist Archaeologists, Slave Routes in Western Tanzania , Stone Circles of Gambia , Survey, Ethnohistory, and Excavation in Savi and Hinterland , Survey of Mahas Region, Sudan , Theban Mapping Project, Untold Stories of the Esie Stone Figurines, Urban Centers in West Africa, Yoruba Kingdom Archaeology ,
Keywords: Cultural heritage; religion; diaspora; slave trade; African-American; slavery
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