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Institute for Maasai Education, Research & Conservation (MERC)
Title: Institute for Maasai Education, Research & Conservation (MERC)
Creator: Maasai Environmental Resource Coalition
Abstract: MERC is a grassroots network of Maasai organizations advocating for the protection of traditional land rights of the Maasai people, and for conservation, management, and sustainable use of the great ecosystems of East Africa. Members are
- Aramat Association, Tanzania
- Arusha Women's Group, Tanzania
- Community Based Integrated Rural Development Services, Kenya
- Enkong'u Narok Cultural Center, Kenya
- Ilkisongo Maasai Cultural Organization, Tanzania
- Kajiado Integral Rural Assoc. for Development, Kenya
- Korongoro Integrated Peoples Oriented to Conservation, Tanzania
- Maasai Cultural, Wildlife and Ethical Tourism Society, Kenya and Tanzania
- Maasai Mara Women's Group, Kenya
- Organization for Survival of Laikipia Maasai Group Initiatives, Kenya
- Olchorro-Oirowua Wildlife Conservation Association, Kenya
- Pastoralist Indigenous NGO, Tanzania [according to site editor's information]
Keywords: Umbrella organizations/national confederations; Ethnic/national groups; Kenya; Nature/wildlife conservation; Nongovernmental organizations; East Africa; Tanzania
Countries: Eastern Africa. General Resources;
Subject areas: Society » Society;
Economy » Ecology
Location of the site's editor: Washington
Resource type: Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO)
Language: English
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