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West Africa AIDS Foundation (WAAF), Ghana
Title: West Africa AIDS Foundation (WAAF), Ghana
Creator: West Africa Aids Foundation
Abstract: WAAF is a registered NGO founded in 1999. The organization’s field of expertise is research, advocacy, care and support. Its aim is to reach out to individuals and communities on issues about communicable diseases, especially HIV/AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) and Tuberculosis (TB). WAAF and its sister organization International Health Care Centre (IHCC) are working towards the establishment of comprehensive reproductive sexual health care and outreach centres in all regions of Ghana. The goal of these centres will be to provide high quality health care and outreach services to identified target groups in their battle against the growing HIV/AIDS pandemic. [according to site editor's information; editors ilissAfrica]
Keywords: Health care; Ghana; HIV/AIDS; Infectious diseases; Nongovernmental organizations; Tuberculosis
Countries: Western Africa. General Resources
Subject areas: Health » Diseases
Location of the site's editor: Ghana
Resource type: Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO)
Language: English
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