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Congo Basin Forest Fund (CBFF)
Title: Congo Basin Forest Fund (CBFF)
Creator: Congo Basin Forest Fund <Tunis>
Abstract: The Congo Basin Forest Fund (CBFF) is a multi donor fund set up to take early action to protect the forests in the Congo Basin region. The Fund invites proposals for transformative and innovative initiatives from the governments and civil society and private sector of the Congo Basin to slow the rate of deforestation, through developing the capacity of the people and institutions in the countries of the Congo basin to manage their forest. This includes helping local communities find livelihoods that are consistent with forest conservation and developing new approaches which will bring genuine change and ensure futuresustainable forest management.The Fund will supports activities/projects which complement particularaspects of the COMIFAC (The Central Africa Forests Commission)convergence plan. The CBFF works closely with Central Africangovernments, regional institutions, COMIFAC, ECCAS, Congo Basintechnical partners, international donors, NGOs and private sector. [according to site editor's information]
Keywords: Development projects; International environmental protection; Tropical rain forests; Forest conservation and afforestation; Central Africa
Countries: Central Africa. General Resources
Subject areas: Economy ยป Ecology
Location of the site's editor: Tunisia
Resource type: Public Private Partnership;
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Language: English; French
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