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!Kwha ttu
Title: !Kwha ttu
Title alternative: San cultural and educational centre
Creator: !Khwattu Pty (Ltd) <Yzerfontein>
Abstract: !Khwa ttu's mandate is that the San must gain control over their own image and presence in the tourism industry. It strives to acquire the skills for income generating activities and to be proactive in preventing exploitation of less educated San relatives. !khwa ttu workshops assist in reaching these goals:
* Restore and display San heritage, culture, folklore, visual arts, cosmology and languages
* Educate the general public about the world of the San
* Provide training to the San in literacy, entrepreneurship, tourism, health issues, community development, craft production/marketing and gender awareness. [according to site editor's information]
Keywords: Indigenous peoples; Interest groups; South Africa; Tourism
Countries: South Africa
Subject areas: Economy ยป Economic Sectors
Resource type: Private Companies
Language: English
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