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Glottopol - Revue de sociolinguistique en ligne
Title: Glottopol - Revue de sociolinguistique en ligne
Creator: Laboratoire LiDiFra <Rouen>; Université <Rouen>
Abstract: French sociolinguistic e-journal with free access to the articles. One focus is Francophonie. [editors ilissAfrica]
Keywords: film / cinema / movie; francophone Africa / francophonie; French; literature; media; new technology; sociolinguistics; translation
Countries: Africa. General Resources;
Subject areas: Information & Media » Journalism & Media;
Information & Media » Communication & Information Technology;
Language » Languages of European Origin;
Culture & Arts » Generalities;
Culture & Arts » Literature
Location of the site's editor: France
Resource type: Other Collections of Fulltexts and Sources;
Collections of Journals and Annuals (Partly with fulltext)
Language: French
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