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The Imperial Archive
Title: The Imperial Archive
Title alternative: A site dedicated to the study of Literature, Imperialism, Postcolonialism
Creator: School of English <Belfast>; Queen's University <Belfast>; Litvack, Leon
Abstract: This site provides resources for all those interested in the influence of the British imperial process on literature from the 19th through the 21st centuries. Using colonial discourse and post-colonial theory as a point of departure, some pages examine the British idea of 'Empire' and the colonial enterprise in a selected range of 19th-century authors and their work; others consider 20th and 21st-century texts, in an attempt to understand how imperialism affected literary texts produced in Britain's former colonies. The pages are authored by students working on the MA degree in Modern Literary Studies in the School of English at the Queen's University of Belfast. [according to site editor's information]
Table of contents: Excerpt:
• Nigeria
>> Section 1: Colonial Administrators and Missionaries
>> Section 2: The Colonised People -- the Igbo of South East Nigeria
>> Section 3: Other Nigerian Postcolonial Writers
• Other African regions
>> Two Readings of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkess
>> Representations of "savages" in Heart of Darkness
>> An analysis of Achebe's 'An Image of Africa: Racism in Heart of Darkness'
>> Subverting the Colonial Hero: Joseph Conrad's 'An Outpost of Progress'
>> The female image in Conrad's Heart of Darkness
>> Silence in Heart of Darkness
>> An Outpost of Progress – Criticising Imperialism During Its “Culminating Expression”
Keywords: Africa South of the Sahara; Nigeria; colonialism
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