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Ghana National Procurement Agency (GNPA)
Title: Ghana National Procurement Agency (GNPA)
Creator: Ghana / National Procurement Agency
Abstract: Initially the primary aim of GNPA was to import essential commodities in large quantities for sale to Ghanaian consumers at affordable prices, procure goods for Ministries, Departments and Agencies. Its role now is to focus on the supply of agricultural raw material inputs to local industries under the Rural Enterprises Development Programme, particularly in the area of agro-processing, and to undertake bulk purchases of designated commodities for sale to the local and export markets.
The new role also includes establishment of Export Trade Houses (ETH) to specialize in export market where Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can enter the international market thereby focusing on production only. [according to site editor's information; editors ilissAfrica]
Keywords: Exports; Ghana; Imports; Public procurement; Promotion of economic development
Countries: Ghana
Subject areas: Economy ยป Generalities
Resource type: Governments, Governmental Departments and Public Administration
Language: English
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