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Ciyawo &
Title: Ciyawo &
Title alternative: Information, photos, downloadable media & more about the Yawo people of Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania
Creator: Cowley, Tim
Abstract: Website about the Yawo ( also: Ajao, Ajawa, Ayao, Chiyao, Wajao) living in malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania. You will find a link to a small video tape as an introduction to the Yawo, an extensive bibliography, documents about the orthography of their language, several videos about relevant topics. More features are under construction. [editors ilissAfrica]
Table of contents: • Resources Available in Ciyawo
• Online Media
• Famous Faces (Recently started)
• Resource Review(Coming Soon)
• A Researcher's Bibliography
• Orthography
• Where the Yawo Live(Coming Soon)
• Downloadable Readings in Ciyawo(Coming Soon)
Keywords: Culture; Malawi; lusophone Africa / lusophonie; Tanzania; society; Yao ; Yao
Countries: Malawi;
Subject areas: Society » Generalities;
Language » Languages of African Origin;
Further Subjects
Resource type: Topical Websites;
Individual Videos and Films;
Other Fulltexts and Sources
Language: English
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