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Helen Suzman Foundation (HSF)
Title: Helen Suzman Foundation (HSF)
Creator: Helen Suzman Foundation
Abstract: The Helen Suzman Foundation believes that a free society is the best guarantor of good governance, stability, economic growth and human development. Established to honour the work of its patron-in-chief, The Helen Suzman Foundation has the aim of strengthening South Africa's relatively new democracy by prompting the principles of liberty, equality of opportunity, individual human rights and respect for the needs of the poor, cultural minorities and the powerless. These principles apply not only in the political sphere, but also in the spheres of development and poverty reduction. Protecting liberty and choice is especially important in counteracting the effects of one-party dominance in emerging democracies like South Africa. [according to site editor's information]
Keywords: Poverty alleviation; Democratization; Good governance; Liberalism; Civil and political rights; South Africa
Countries: South Africa
Subject areas: Society ยป Society
Resource type: Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO)
Language: English
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