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John Lipski - recent papers and reprints
Title: John Lipski - recent papers and reprints
Creator: Lipski, John
Abstract: Full text articles by Prof. Lipski (The Pennsylvania State University) about different variations of Spanish around the world, also in Equatorial Guinea. Furthermore, there are a few articles about Portuguese in Africa (esp. Angola). [editors ilissAfrica]
Table of contents: Excerpt:
• A new look at Afro-Hispanic phonology: the case of Equatorial Guinea {1986 reprint}
• A test case of the Afro-Hispanic connection: final /s/ in Equatorial Guinea {1986 reprint}
• African influence on Hispanic dialects {1987 reprint}
• Fonética y fonología del español guineano {separata de 1987}
• El valle del Chota: enclave lingüístico afroecuatoriano {separata de 1989}
• Aspects of Ecuadorian vowel reduction {1990 reprint}
• Literary `Africanized' Spanish as a research tool: dating consonant reduction {1995 reprint}
• The Spanish of Equatorial Guinea: research on La Hispanidad's best-kept secret {2000 reprint}
• The Spanish of Equatorial Guinea {2004 reprint}
• El cambio /r/ > [d] en el habla afrohispánica: ¿un rasgo "congo"? {separata de 2007}
• Angola e Brasil: vínculos lingüísticos afrolusitanos {2008}
• The Portuguese language in Angola: Luso-creoles' missing link?
• Afro-Portuguese pidgin: separating imitation from innovation
• Speaking "African" in Spanish and Portuguese: literary imitations vs. (socio)linguistic reality
• El español de Guinea Ecuatorial en el contexto del español mundial
Keywords: lusophone Africa / lusophonie; Equatorial Guinea; linguistics; Creole languages; Pidgin languages; Angola; Portuguese
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