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Title: - "Universität" (d.h. Dokumente)
Creator: Chall, Inka
Abstract: This site was built up by a student of African Studies who on the one hand presents papers written by herself, on the other hand a project run by students of the African Studies at the Humboldt University Berlin (head of the project Dr. Deutsch). The project aimed at creating a bibliography about the Maji-Maji Rebellion against German Colonial Rule in 1905 in Tanzania by providing ready access to a particular type of historical sources - articles published by contemporary observers in German newspapers and journals - which non-German speakers often have great difficulties to locate. The bibliography is in English.
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• Die "DDR-Kinder" aus Namibia
• Hausarbeit Mhudi (von Sol Plaatje)
• Fazit einer Exkursion (nach Tansania)
Keywords: Germany; Republic of South Africa; Tanzania; Namibia; colonialism; Apartheid; children's home
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