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The Journal of African Travel-Writing
Title: The Journal of African Travel-Writing
Creator: Journal of African Travel-Writing
Abstract: You can find some of the jounal's articles here as full text documents free of charge. [editors ilissAfrica]
Table of contents: Full-text Essays

* Mother Tongue
Interviews with Musaemura B. Zimunya and Solomon Mutswairo.
by Angela A. Williams
* Author and Hero
Does it matter who wrote "West with the Night"?
by Robert Viking O'Brien
* Hotel Terminus
Portuguese Africa in 1957. A guest list.
by Richard J. Houk
* Relocating Burton
Public and private writings on Africa.
by Greg Garrett
* Desert Sunsets
Repair to Niamey's Grand Hotel.
by Ronald B. Duber
* Safari with the Hadzabe
Hospitality among Tanzania's hunters and gatherers.
by Adam Levin

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Keywords: expedition; African languages; Africa South of the Sahara; Tanzania; Niger; Shona; journey / travel; Zimbabwe
Countries: Africa. General Resources
Subject areas: Language » Languages of African Origin;
History & Geography » Geography
Resource type: Collections of Journals and Annuals (Partly with fulltext)
Language: English
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