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Kingdoms of the Medieval Sudan
Title: Kingdoms of the Medieval Sudan
Title alternative: History of the African states of Mali, Songhay, Kanem-Bornu, and Hausaland.
Creator: Xavier University <New Orleans, La.>; Rotondo-McCord, Jonathan
Abstract: "Kingdoms of the Medieval Sudan" provides a narrative historical overview of Mali, Songhay, Kanem-Bornu, and Hausaland before the modern era (precolonial), a hyperlinked glossary with pronunciation helps, and self-tests on the history of these regions.The text is also accompanied by the work of photographer Lucy Johnson. This site is intended only as an introduction to the history of Sudanic Africa, and does not aim to be comprehensive.
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Table of contents: Photo Gallery
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Key Themes
* Trade
* Islam
Regional Histories
* Mali
* Songhay
* Hausaland
* Kanem-Bornu
Self Tests
Keywords: trade; Islam; West Africa; Hausa; Kingdom; Mali ; Songhay
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