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Mandara Mountains Homepage
Title: Mandara Mountains Homepage
Creator: Muller-Kosack, Gerhard
Abstract: Site about the Mandara Mountains in Nothern Cameroon and North-East-Nigeria and about the people living there, the socalled Northern Montagnards. You will find extensive information, research results, pictures, full text documents (articles, dissertation) and much more. [editors ilissAfrica]
Table of contents: Northern Montagnards
Literature Preview (Ethnographic Literature)
Ethnic Groups
1. Eastern and Western Ranges (Cameroon and Nigeria)
2. Centre and Plateau (mainly Cameroon)
3. Foothills and Plains (Cameroon and Nigeria)
* Survey and excavation of old stone ruins found in the Mandara Mountains
Mandaras Publishing
* web presentations of ethnographic field materials
* ethnographic texts for downloading
--- Responding to a need: developing literacy in a remote area of the Gwoza Hills in NE Nigeria
--- (Diss) Du Kunde: Processes of Montagnard Ethnogenesis in the Northern Mandara Mountains of Cameroon
--- No Cry for Death
--- The metaphysics of Mafa and Dughwede bull festivals
--- A selected bibliography on the Mafa of the Mandara Mountains (North Cameroon)
--- The Way of the Beer
--- Book description of Rauchenberger's (1999) Johannes Leo der Afrikaner.
* printed books, booklets and CDs
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Keywords: Culture; Cameroon; Nigeria; society; Mandara mountains; mountain people
Countries: Nigeria;
Subject areas: Ethnology » Generalities;
Ethnology » Customs & Rituals
Resource type: Country reports;
Collections of Theses and Dissertations;
Collections of Illustrations (Fotographies, Paintings, Charts);
Collections with several Types of Media
Language: English
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