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Alexandre Kimenyi
Title: Alexandre Kimenyi
Title alternative: Professor of Linguistics, Ethnic Studies and African Languages and President of the main political opposition party in Rwanda
Creator: Kimenyi, Alexandre
Abstract: Private Homepage of Prof. Kimenyi (1948-2010), who was teaching Linguistics, Ethnic Studies and African Languages at the California State University, Sacramento. At the same time, he was the president of Amahoro, one of the main opposition parties to the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) of Kagame. As Kimenyi himself formerly was in the RPF, he was not without controversy. For further links see the remarks.You will find many full text articles about different topics on this site, as well as poems by Kimenyi and other Rwandan poets. The articles as well as the poems are partly written in English and partly in Kinyarwanda [editors ilissAfrica]
Table of contents: Excerpt: Articles

Ethnic Studies
* The Genesis of Ethnicity and Collective Identity
* The Role of Symbols in Nation Building: The Case of Rwanda
* Imana in Rwanda
* Anatomy of Culture
* Clans, totems and taboos in Rwanda
* Language, Names and Religious Beliefs
* Metaphors and Metonymies in Ethnic Studies
* Trivilization of Genocide: The Case of Rwanda
* Journey to the Genocide Country
Articles in Kinyarwanda
* Abanyaranda Bangana Iki Muri Iki Gihe
* Amatora ya Perezida ateganijwe muri 2003 yari akwiye gusunikwa
* Gupfana Agahinda
* Ibigo-n-Inganda
* Indimi Bantu
* Kigali ntiyari ikwiye gukandamiza indi mijyi
* Minisiteri y'Itsembabwoko
* Ruganzu Ndori
* Ubumwe n'ubwiyunge
* Umuco karande
Articles Pertaining to Linguistics
* Causatives in Kinyarwanda
* Cliché Paradox (John C. Livingston Award Lecture)
* Comitatives or Reciprocals
* Conjunctions in Semiotics
* Cow Metaphors in Kinyarwanda
* Ideophone
* Kikongo Perfective
* Kinyarwanda
* Kinyarwanda Applicatives Revisited
* Lexicon Variation
* Life
* Redpulication in Japanese
* The Body as a Human Experience Metaphor
* The Body as a Human Experience Metaphor in Kinyarwanda
* The Genesis of Auxiliaries: A Semiotic Account
* The Nga Morpheme in Bantu
* When Does Kinyrarwanda Mean What it Says?
* Women and Language
* Rwandan plant names
Keywords: Culture; African languages; Rwanda; linguistics; Rwanda / Kinyarwanda
Countries: Rwanda
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Language » Languages of African Origin;
Ethnology » Generalities;
Culture & Arts » Literature
Resource type: Researcher Homepages and Websites;
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Language: English; Kinyarwanda
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