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Luganda Scientific Terminologies Research
Title: Luganda Scientific Terminologies Research
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Creator: Ssenyange, James M.
Abstract: The site mainly contains Kiingi's Ph. D. Thesis as a full text document: Kiingi, Kibuuja B., 1989: A Systematic Approach to the Problem of the Expressional Modernization in the Formal and Natural Sciences: The case of Luganda. Unpublished Ph. D Thesis, University of Bielefeld, Germany (Source: DNB). Furthermore, a few updates of the thesis and a list of researchers working on the same topic. [editors ilissAfrica]
Keywords: Science; African languages; Uganda; Ganda / Luganda
Countries: Uganda
Subject areas: Education & Academia » Generalities;
Language » Languages of African Origin
Resource type: Individual Theses and Dissertations
Language: English
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