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CASAS - Centre for Advanced Studies of African Society
Title: CASAS - Centre for Advanced Studies of African Society
Creator: Centre for Advanced Studies of African Society <Cape Town>
Abstract: The Centre has its research focus on African languages and development and has published numerous books about this topic. You can also read some full text documents written by the director of the Centre concerning this topic. Under the CASAS/IDRC Acacia Project you can find information sheets about Aids, Maize, Improving Soil Fertility, The Neem Tree in three Ugandan languages: Ganda (Luganda), Teso/Karamojong und Nyoro/Tooro/Nyankore/Chiga (Kiga) (the languages are not specified / distiguished). [editors ilissAfrica]
Table of contents: SCOPE OF OUR OPERATIONS
History & Mission
Associates & Fellowships
Khoisan Language Studentship Scholarship Scheme
CASAS/IDRC Acacia Project

Book Series
Monograph Series
Occasional Papers
Notes and Records

PAPERS (online full texts)
* African Unity, Pan-Africanism and the Dilemmas of Regional Integration
* Culture, the Missing Link in Development Planning in Africa
* Africa En Route, and Roots: Towards African Strategic Thinking and Action on Sustainable Development
* Education, Mother-Tongue Instruction, Christianity and Development of an African National Culture
* GOING NATIVE: Language of Instruction for Education, Development and African Emancipation
* Language, the African development challenge

Keywords: African languages; Africa South of the Sahara; education
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