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The Buganda Homepage
Title: The Buganda Homepage
Creator: Ssemakula, Mukasa E.
Abstract: Site created by Dr. Mukasa E. Ssemakula, Associate Professor at the Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. You will find extensive information on Buganda, its history, culture, politics, society etc. [editors ilissAfrica]
Table of contents: Introduction
* The Founding of Buganda
* Buganda Territory and its Governance
* The Kings of Buganda
* Colonial Influences
* The Story of the Christian Martyrs
* The Uganda Agreement, 1900
* The Buganda Agreement, 1955
* The Road to Independence
* The Uganda Constitution, 1962
* The Buganda Constitution, 1962
* The 1966 Crisis and the Abolition
* The Uganda Constitution, 1967
* The Uganda Constitution, 1995
* Window on Mmengo
* Suggested Further Reading
* Baganda in the Diaspora
* Speaking and Writing Luganda
* The Luganda Society
* Luganda Grammar
* Reviews of Select Luganda Books
* A Luganda Phrasebook
* Suggested Further Reading
* Buganda's anthem Audio available
* A Traditional Dance (1.1 MB .AVI)
* The Clans of Buganda
* The Royal Clan of Buganda
* Indigenous Religion of Buganda
* Suggested Further Reading
Window on Mmengo (Houses The Buganda Governmentand Buganda Parliament (Lukiiko))
Visit Buganda
Meet the Queen
Keywords: Culture; African languages; Uganda; Kingdom; Buganda; Ganda / Luganda
Countries: Uganda
Subject areas: Society » Generalities;
Ethnology » Generalities;
History & Geography » Generalities
Resource type: Country reports
Language: English
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