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Nishad'in Hululu (Hausa Popular Culture)
Title: Nishad'in Hululu (Hausa Popular Culture)
Creator: Adamu, Abdalla Uba
Abstract: Blog by Prof. Adamu, Nigeria, about popular culture and especially literature in Northern Nigeria (Hausa). Unfortunately, the last entry is of June 2007. See for the table of contents concerning articles written. [editors ilissAfrica]
Table of contents: * Book Burning in Nigeria (1) - The Yandoto Experience (Islamic learning and intellectualism in Katsina outside the Birni: The Yandoto experience)
* Paradigmatic Shift in Literary Ignorance – Removal of Ajami from Nigerian Currency Notes (includes full text: Manuscript Learnability and Indigenous Knowledge for Development – Hausa Ajami in Historical Context; New Naira Notes – Languages and Scripts; Can of Worms)
* Eunuchs in the Harem of Hausa Cultural Epistemology
* Market Forces and Hausa Literature
* Polemics on Contemporary Hausa Prose Fiction
* Annotated Bibliography of Criticisms against Hausa Prose Fiction
* Emotions in Motion: Sleaze, Salacity, Moral Codes and Hausa Literature
* Hausa Literature and ICTs in the Decade of the 1990s
* Hausa Prose Fiction in the 1990s
Keywords: Islam; African languages; Nigeria; popular culture; Hausa
Countries: Nigeria
Subject areas: Language » Languages of African Origin;
Culture & Arts » Literature
Resource type: Researcher Homepages and Websites;
Other Collections of Fulltexts and Sources
Language: English; German
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