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West African Arabic Manuscript Project
Title: West African Arabic Manuscript Project
Creator: Stewart, C.C.; Hall, Bruce Stewart
Abstract: AMMS is a bi-lingual database that was developed at the University of Illinois in the late 1980s to describe a collection of Arabic and Ajami manuscripts in southern Mauritania (Boutilimit). It subsequently has been used to catalogue seven other West African collections including the manuscript libraries at the Institut Mauritanien de Recherche Scientifique, Northwestern University, and the Centre Ahmad Baba in Timbuktu. Currently (during 2008-09) print catalogues from West Africa published by al-Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation are being added to it.
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Table of contents: Collections:

Nouakchott (Boutilimit) collection - Mauritania
Timbuctu collection - Mali
Segou collection - Mali (“Ahmadou Library” and “Fonds Archinard”)
Niamey collection - Niger
Kano collection - Nigeria
Keywords: Islam; West Africa; African languages; Arabic script; written culture / writing culture; Timbuktu / Timbuctoo
Countries: Africa. General Resources
Subject areas: Language » Languages of African Origin;
Culture & Arts » Literature;
History & Geography » History up to 1850;
Religion & Philosophy » Islam
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