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African Academy of Sciences (AAS)
Title: African Academy of Sciences (AAS)
Creator: African Academy of Sciences <Nairobi>
Abstract: The Academy's mission is to serve, first, as an honorific society with the primary function of honouring African science and technology achievers and, second, as a development oriented mobiliser of the entire African science and technology community with the fundamental role of facilitating the development of scientific and technological capacity for science-led development in Africa, promoting excellence and relevance in doing so.
African Academy of sciences primarily focusses on
* Capacity building in science and technology
* Mobilisation and training of the African Scientific community
* Publication and dissemination of Scientific materials
* Research, development and public advocacy [according to site editor's information]
Keywords: Africa; Academies of sciences/learned societies; Umbrella organizations/national confederations; Forests; infrastructure; new technology; ecology
Countries: Africa. General Resources
Subject areas: Information & Media » Communication & Information Technology;
Economy » Ecology;
Education & Academia » Generalities
Location of the site's editor: Kenya
Resource type: Academies of Sciences;
Individual Conference Proceedings;
Single Journals and Annuals (with fulltext)
Language: English
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