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Malawi SDNP - Sustainable Development Network Programme
Title: Malawi SDNP - Sustainable Development Network Programme
Creator: Malawi / National Research Council; Malawi SDNP <Blantyre>; Nyirenda, Paulos B.
Abstract: Malawi SDNP is a UNDP supported Malawi Government Programme executed by the National Research Council of Malawi to assist with development of Internet and Information Services with emphasis on sustainable development. Important: If you click on "Index" under "Contents", you will find a lot of more sites. You will find many sites by governmental institutions providing full text documents of laws, acts etc.. For example, you will find detailed documents on elections in malawi (1999, 2004, 2009). For further content, see table of contents. [according to site editor's information] [supplemented]
Table of contents: Excerpt:
• Communications
>> Act
>> Policy
• Constitution of Malawi
• Church
• Education
• Elections 1999
• Elections 2004
• Elections 2009
• Environment
• FRIM - Forestry Research Institute Of Malawi
• Gender Issues
• Government
• Research
• Rule of Law
• Employment Act
• Local Government Act
• Vision 2020
• Workers Compensation Act
• Index
• …
• …
>> One Village One Product - OVOP
>> Womens Voice
>> Youth Issues
Keywords: Sustainable development; Internet; Internet references; Malawi; General overviews; hyperlink; tax law; governments
Countries: Malawi
Subject areas: Information & Media » Generalities;
Politics » Domestic Affairs;
Politics » Human Rights & Law;
Society » Gender;
Economy » Development Policy & Poverty;
Further Subjects
Resource type: Governments, Governmental Departments and Public Administration;
Web Portals, Virtual Libraries, Subject Gateways;
Mailing Lists, Discussion Groups, Chats;
Collections of Texts of a Law, Treaty
Language: English
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