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African Technology Policy Studies Network (ATPS)
Title: African Technology Policy Studies Network (ATPS)
Creator: African Technology Policy Studies Network
Abstract: ATPS is a multi-disciplinary network of researchers, private sector actors and policy makers promoting innovative science and technology policy making through research, dialogue and advocacy in 23 African countries.The network provides modest grants to individuals and institutions to carry out research on issues of science and technology policy in sub-Saharan Africa.
The research results are disseminated to policy makers and other end-users through manuscript reports, published books, journal articles, workshops, conferences, policy dialogue and the Internet.
ATPS organizes and implements training activities targeted at policy makers, legislators, mid-level technocrats, researchers, and leaders in the private sector. [according to site editor's information]
Keywords: Africa south of the Sahara; Research; Networks (institutional/social); Technological science; Technology policy
Countries: Africa. General Resources
Subject areas: Education & Academia ยป Generalities
Location of the site's editor: Kenya
Resource type: Working Groups
Language: English; French
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