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senegal-online - Galeries de photos du Sénégal
Title: senegal-online - Galeries de photos du Sénégal
Title alternative: senegal-online - Galleries
Creator: Delbende, Jean-Louis
Abstract: Man old and new photographs about Senegal (Dakar, regions, people, Saint-Louis, Île de Gorée, old colonial posters of exhibition etc of French West Africa, etc), old engravings, glass painting, architecture, stamps, bank notes and much more [editors ilissAfrica]
Keywords: Culture; French West Africa (AOF); Senegal; society; means of payment / currency / money; colonial history; photo archive
Countries: Senegal
Subject areas: Society » Generalities;
Culture & Arts » Generalities;
History & Geography » History since 1850
Resource type: Collections of historical Sources;
Collections of Illustrations (Fotographies, Paintings, Charts)
Language: French
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