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Memória de África
Title: Memória de África
Creator: Arnaldo Martins, Joaquim; Sangreman, Carlos; Oliveira, Hélder
Abstract: Virtual Library with a lot of full text documents (books, journals), photographs, drawings, engravings from / about lusophon African countries, mostly during colonial times. Some full texts are in English. [editors ilissAfrica]
Keywords: Portugal; lusophone Africa / lusophonie; education; colonial history; photo archive
Countries: Mozambique;
Cape Verde;
Sao Tome and Principe
Subject areas: Education & Academia » School Education;
History & Geography » Generalities;
Further Subjects
Location of the site's editor: Portugal
Resource type: Country reports;
Collections of e-books;
Collections of historical Sources;
Collections of Illustrations (Fotographies, Paintings, Charts);
Other Collections of Fulltexts and Sources;
Collections of Newspapers (partly with fulltext)
Language: Portuguese
Notice: Einige Volltexte sind auch auf Englisch.

Some full texts are in English.
© Virtuelle Fachbibliothek Afrika (ilissAfrica)
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