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Title: agritrade
Title alternative: Informed Analysis, Expert Opinions
Creator: Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation <Wageningen>
Abstract: Agritrade is CTA's web portal on international agricultural trade issues in the context of ACP -EU relations. It aims to serve and to be utilised by ACP stakeholders. Agritrade covers the following thematic issues:
* Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs);
* Reform of the EU Common Agriucltural Policy (CAP) and its implications on ACP countries;
* EU Enlargement and its implications on ACP countries;
* WTO Agreement on Agriculture;
* Market Access;
* Food safety (Sanitary and PhytoSanitary measures);
* Commodities (Sugar, Rice, Beef, Banana, Cotton, Cereals);
* ACP-EU fisheries relations. [according to site editor's information]
Keywords: ACP countries/African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States; Foreign trade; Foreign trade policy; EU-/EC countries; International trade; Agriculture
Countries: Europe. General Resources;
Caribbean. General Resources;
Africa. General Resources;
South Pacific. General Resources
Subject areas: Economy ยป Economic Relations
Resource type: International and supranational Organisations;
Directories with several Types of Media
Language: English; French
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