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RAN - Reading Association of Nigeria
Title: RAN - Reading Association of Nigeria
Creator: Reading Association of Nigeria
Abstract: The Reading Association of Nigeria (RAN) is an association of teachers and other education professionals in Nigeria committed to literacy empowerment across all social classes in Nigeria. RAN works actively with policy makers in Federal, State and Local Governments, schools, parents, corporate bodies, United Nations agencies, donor institutions and non-governmental organizations to attain its goals. RAN is affiliated with the International Reading Association (IRA). It is also a leading member of the International Development Committee in Africa (IDC-A), a network of African reading associations promoted by IRA.
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Table of contents: * About RAN
* RAN Organizational Structure
* Conferences
* Publications
* RAN Consultants
* The Intntl Reading Assoc.
Key Programs
* Beginning Readers
* Adolescent Readers
* Adult Readers
* Teacher Education
* Library Education
* Culture of Reading Campaign
Related Links
* RANmates
* Literacy & Reading...
* Reading Today
* JABU Reading Center
* Ministry of Education
* Project Partnerships
Keywords: education; Nigeria; reading culture; alphabetisation / literacy; illiteracy
Countries: Nigeria
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Education & Academia » Generalities;
Culture & Arts » Literature
Resource type: Economic Societies, Professional Organisations, Trade Associations, Pressure Groups;
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