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German Colonial Archives
Title: German Colonial Archives
Title alternative: in: FOCUS on Global Resources, Critical Resources for Research and Teaching in the Humanities, Sciences, and Social Sciences; Spring 2008 . Volume 27 . Number 3
Creator: Center for Research Libraries ; 667196-2
Abstract: The Center for Research Libraries holds a number of resources (including full text documents) relating to Germany's foreign affairs and colonial operations which are presented here. These primary and secondary sources illuminate the German experience of colonialism.
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Table of contents: * German Foreign Ministry Archives, 1867–1920
* Germany. Reichskolonialamt
* Deutsche Kolonialzeitung, 1884–1922
* Deutsch-Ostafrikanische Zeitung, 1899–1916
* Dissertations
Keywords: Germany; Africa South of the Sahara; colonialism; colonial history; colonial administration
Countries: Africa. General Resources
Subject areas: Information & Media » Libraries, Archives, Museums;
History & Geography » Generalities
Resource type: Archives, Centres for Information and Documentation;
Directories with several Types of Media;
Collections of Theses and Dissertations;
Collections with several Types of Media
Language: English
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