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Nilotic Language Research Network
Title: Nilotic Language Research Network
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Creator: Payne, Doris L.
Abstract: The Nilotic Language Research Network is an international group of linguists who are actively studying Nilotic languages( countries: Kenia, Uganda, Sudan, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo-Kinshasa, Ethiopia and Eritrea). Network goals are to increase the quantity and quality of linguistic work on Nilotic languages, and lay the foundation for cross-family searchable databases. Among others, you can find some full texts about research done in this area.
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Table of contents: # Nilotic language family
# Network goals
# Nilotic research centers: Maseno University
# Researchers & home pages
# Research papers, etc.
# Workshops
Keywords: African languages; scientific cooperation; East Africa; Nilotic languages
Countries: Eastern Africa. General Resources
Subject areas: Language ยป Languages of African Origin
Resource type: Research Projekts and Research Databases;
Manuals, Checklists, Guidelines, Teaching Material, Tutorials;
Individual Working Papers, Preprints
Language: English
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