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Project MUSE - African Studies
Title: Project MUSE - African Studies
Title alternative: Scolarly journals online
Creator: Project MUSE <Baltimore, MD>
Abstract: Project MUSE is a collaboration between libraries and publishers providing 100% full-text, affordable and user-friendly online access to over 350 high quality humanities and social sciences journals from over 60 scholarly publishers. Access is restricted.
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Table of contents: African Studies

* Africa: The Journal of the International African Institute (2006-)
* Africa Today (1999-)
* African Studies Review (2005-)
* Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East (2000-)
* Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review (2002-)
* History in Africa (2005-)
* Northeast African Studies (1999-)
* Research in African Literatures (1999-)
* Transformation: Critical Perspectives on Southern Africa (2002-)
* Transition (2000-2001; archive only)
Keywords: Africa South of the Sahara; scientific journal / scholarly journal / academic journal; African Studies
Countries: Africa. General Resources
Subject areas: Information & Media » Libraries, Archives, Museums;
Education & Academia » Higher Education & Research Institutions
Resource type: Collections of Journals and Annuals (Partly with fulltext)
Language: English
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