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Old site: African languages - Göteborg University
Title: Old site: African languages - Göteborg University
Title alternative: Department of Oriental and African Languages
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Creator: Göteborgs Universitet
Abstract: Old homepage of the Institute for African Language of the Göteborg University. The site offers very extensive information on research projects and results, including a lot of full text documents (see especially the journal "Africa & Asia" under Publications). It is also worth looking at the homepages of the respective researchers. [editors ilissAfrica]
Table of contents: Excerpt RESEARCH• Forskningsprojekt / Research Projects > The languages of Tanzania > African Languages Research Institute (ALRI) (formerly ALLEX) > Shona dictionary, Duramazwi RechiShona > Plant taxonomies in Eastern Africa > A description of the Mpiemo language > Nghwele wordlist & database (Trilingual Ng'hwele-Swahili-English wordlist) [Avslutade / Completed] > Verbal categories in sub-Saharan Africa (2005) > Small and endangered languages in Africa (a bibliographical survey) (2005) > A referential classification of the Bantu languages (2005) > Electronic Bibliography for African Languages and Linguistics (EBALL) (2005) > Language policies in Africa (2003) > Swedish-Kinyarwanda dictionary (2003) > Languages and language use in Mozambique (2000) > A description of the Iká language (2000) > African Languages Lexicon Project (ALLEX) (continued by ALRI) > Languages in Namibia (1998) > Languages in Botswana (1997) > Languages and cultures in southern Africa (1996) > Setswana: language change in a changing society (1991)• Doktorsavhandlingar / Doctoral Dissertations > Language policy and language use in Rwanda and Uganda, Tove Rosendal > A linguistic description of Ndegereko (Tanzania), Eva-Marie Ström > [Avslutade / Completed] > The status and use of African languages in Sudan, Helene Fatima Idris (2007) > A linguistic description of Kagulu (Tanzania), Malin Petzell (2007) > Literacy practices in an educational setting (N.W. Tanzania), Åsa Wedin (2004) > Changes in Ika, Joseph Onyeche (October 2002) > Oriental influences in Kiswahili, Abdulaziz Y. Lodhi (May 2000) > A comparative study of Bantu noun classes, Jouni F. Maho (November 1999) PUBLICATIONS• Orientalia et Africana Gothoburgensia• Africa & Asia • Göteborg Africana Informal Series NET-RESOURCES
Keywords: African languages; African Studies
Countries: Africa. General Resources
Subject areas: Education & Academia » Higher Education & Research Institutions;
Language » Languages of African Origin
Location of the site's editor: Sweden
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Language: English; Swedish
Notice: Achtung: Die Originalseite ist leider nicht mehr vorhanden. Es wird stattdessen eine Internet-Archivkopie als Link angeboten. Leider sind hier möglicherweise nicht alle Volltext- und Multimedia-Dokumente verfügbar. Die neue Seite des Instituts finden Sie unter: The original website is no longer available. The link offered leads to a copy from an Internet Archive. Unfortunately, not all the fulltext and multimedia documents may be available here. You will find the institute's new website under:
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