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Filme aus Afrika
Title: Filme aus Afrika
Creator: FilmInitiativ Köln e.V.
Abstract: This website created by FilmInitiativ Köln e.V. since 2011 aims at presenting selected films that have already been shown at events and to provide information on how the films can be obtained. In doing so, FilmInitiativ aims to promote the distribution of African films here in Germany and, by providing authentic images and stories from Africa, to challenge commonly accepted clichés about the continent [according to the site editor's information, editorial staff ilissAfrica].
Keywords: image of Africa; dialogue; film / cinema / movie; cultural relations
Countries: Africa. General Resources
Subject areas: Information & Media » Generalities;
Society » Generalities;
Culture & Arts » Generalities
Location of the site's editor: North Rhine-Westphalia
Resource type: Topical Websites;
Events: Conferences, Congresses, Conventions, Meetings
Language: English; German; French
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