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The Single Story Foundation
Title: The Single Story Foundation
Creator: The Single Story Foundation; Murewa Olubela
Abstract: The Single Story Foundation is a nonprofit organization which provides storytelling opportunities for Africans at home and in diaspora. The Single Story Foundation challenges the Western narratives, seeks for change in the way the African narrative is told, and foster an environment where young Africans can promote their technological, creative, educational and imaginative achievements or developments. It seeks to change the stereotype through visual art, literature, and performing art. At The Single Story Foundation, they believe that storytelling is one of the ways they can fix the damage caused by Western storytelling [according to the site editor's information].
Keywords: image of Africa; culture; art; literature
Countries: Africa. General Resources
Subject areas: Culture & Arts » Literature;
Culture & Arts » Fine Arts
Location of the site's editor: North America. General Resources
Resource type: Other Organisations
Language: English
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