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Africa Research Institute
Title: Africa Research Institute
Creator: Africa Research Institute, London
Abstract: Africa Research Institute (ARI) encourages debate, questions orthodoxy and challenges “received wisdom” in and about Africa. They seek to promote an informed, nuanced and representative understanding of the continent. Their work draws attention to good practice and innovation, while also identifying where new approaches might be needed. Examples of practical achievement are of particular interest to them. ARI’s research is distributed widely within Africa and elsewhere to decision-makers, institutions and individuals with a keen interest in the continent’s future. They also hold regular interactive events with expert speakers in London and Africa. ARI was founded in 2007. ARI is independently funded and strictly non-partisan [according to the site editor's information].
Keywords: image of Africa; politics; economic situation
Countries: Africa. General Resources
Subject areas: Politics » Generalities;
Economy » Development Policy & Poverty;
Economy » Economic Relations
Location of the site's editor: United Kingdom
Resource type: Research facilities;
Language: English
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