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Gambia Bureau of Statistics (GBoS)
Title: Gambia Bureau of Statistics (GBoS)
Title alternative: Disseminating Impartial, Timely and Accurate Quality Statistics Data
Creator: Gambia / Bureau of Statistics
Abstract: The Bureau established under the Statistics Act of 2005 is a semi-autonomous statistics agency under the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs (MoFEA). It is the body entrusted to provide official statistics and is responsible for the collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of official statistical data. The Bureau is as well responsible for monitoring and coordinating the National Statistical System and carrying out central functions required for all other statistical services. [according to site editor's information]
Keywords: Gambia; Statistics (collections); Statistical offices
Countries: Gambia
Location of the site's editor: Gambia
Resource type: Statistics Agencies;
Language: English
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