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Statistics in Africa - The World Bank
Title: Statistics in Africa - The World Bank
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Creator: World Bank Group
Abstract: This site brings together information and resources dealing with statistics on Africa, both from within the World Bank and from many other sources identified by World Bank staff. The Africa Development Indicators is the most detailed collection of development data on Africa (including data from over 50 African countries and more than 500 development indicators). Information on statistical research and development work supported by the World Bank in Sub-Saharan Africa can also be found. Site includes also key sources of statistics in African organizations, including academic and research institutes, national statistics offices, and regional institutions as well as other international and donor partner organizations. Includes also "50 Things You Didn't Know About Africa" [according to site editor's information + editors ilissAfrica]
Keywords: Africa; Statistics (collections); development
Countries: Africa. General Resources
Subject areas: Politics » Generalities;
Economy » Generalities
Resource type: Statistics Agencies;
International and supranational Organisations
Language: English
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