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Golf Dornseif - Journalist
Title: Golf Dornseif - Journalist
Creator: Dornseif, Golf
Abstract: Personal website of the retired German journalist Golf Dornseif. Dornseif has been working on material from the Library of the German Colonial Society based in Frankfurt/Main for years. His articles are mainly descriptive and less critical and he often quotes from orginal documents. Unfortunately, sometimes it is not quite clear whether a passage is a quotation (without quotation marks) or again the journalist's voice. [editors ilissAfrica]
Keywords: Herero; armed conflict; Boer War; German; colonial army / colonial troops; colonial history; colonialism; colonial administration; colony; racism; genocide
Countries: Germany. General Resources;
Subject areas: History & Geography ยป History since 1850;
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Location of the site's editor: Germany. General Resources
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Language: German
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