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NELK Frankfurt - Abteilung für Neue Englischsprachige Literaturen und Kulturen
Title: NELK Frankfurt - Abteilung für Neue Englischsprachige Literaturen und Kulturen
Title alternative: NELK Frankfurt - Department of New English Literatures and Cultures
Creator: Institut für England- und Amerikastudien <Frankfurt, Main>
Abstract: "Originally founded by Prof. Dieter Riemenschneider in the 1970s and now directed by Prof. Frank Schulze-Engler, the department is dedicated to teaching and research in the area of anglophone literatures in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific as well as Black and Asian Literature in Britain." The website offers information on conferences, research projects, a reading list and more. [according to site editor’s information] [supplemented]
Table of contents: Excerpts: Research• Conferences, symposia & colloquia >> Migration & Media 2 – Literature of the African Diaspora: Languages of Mobility, Languages of Flight? (2009) >> Migration & Media – Platform I: The Location of African Migration in Cinema and Fine Arts (2007) >> Transcultural Modernities: Narrating Africa in Europe (2006)• Third-party funded research projects >> Conceptions of Whiteness in Literatures from Africa• Research projects >> MIGRATION & MEDIA“Out of Place?” – The Location of African Migration in Culture and the Media
Keywords: anglophone Africa; diaspora; English; film / cinema / movie; literature; media; migration
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Culture & Arts » Literature
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