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Interviews with German Anthropologists
Title: Interviews with German Anthropologists
Title alternative: Video Portal for the History of German Anthropology post 1945
Creator: Universität <Bochum> / Lehrstuhl für Sozialanthropologie; Haller, Dieter
Abstract: "This online portal was created as part of the research project on 'The History of Federal German Anthropology from 1945 to 1990' (...)." The website offers videos with interviews of important German anthropologists. New videos are to be put online continuously. "(..) [t]he major historical trends and constitutents (subject matter, research questions, methodology) of German anthropology were traced out in terms of the history of ideas, social networks and milieus, and socio-political influences.Apart from closing a significant research gap, the project's innovation potential lies in the recovery of hitherto unaccounted for particulars of the development of anthropology in Federal Germany." [according to site editor’s information] [supplemented]
Table of contents: Interviews so far (July 2011):• Peter Fuchs• Ulla Johansen• Georg Pfeffer• Erhard Schlesier• Bernhard Streck
Keywords: biography; ethnology / anthropology / ethnography; history; historiography; science; scholar
Countries: Germany. General Resources
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Ethnology » Generalities
Location of the site's editor: Germany. General Resources
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