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Afrikanska språk - Göteborgs Universitet
Title: Afrikanska språk - Göteborgs Universitet
Creator: Göteborgs Universitet
Abstract: Homepage of the Institute for African Language of the Göteborg University, which used to be found at the Department of Oriental and African Languages until about 2010, but which was then restructured to belong to the Department of Languages and Literatures. The site offers very extensive information on research projects and results, including a lot of full text documents (see especially the journal "Africa & Asia" under Publications). [editors ilissAfrica]
Table of contents: Excerpt Research Projects• Ongoing >> The languages of Tanzania >> African Languages Research Institute (ALRI) (formerly ALLEX) >> Plant taxonomies in Eastern Africa >> A description of the Mpiemo language >> Nghwele wordlist & database >> The Linguistics Association of SADC Universities (LASU)• Completed >> Verbal categories in sub-Saharan Africa (2005) >> Small and endangered languages in Africa (a bibliographical survey) (2005) >> A referential classification of the Bantu languages (2005) >> Electronic Bibliography for African Languages and Linguistics (EBALL) (2005) >> Language policies in Africa (2003) >> Swedish-Kinyarwanda dictionary (2003) >> Languages and language use in Mozambique (2000) >> A description of the Iká language (2000) >> African Languages Lexicon Project (ALLEX) (continued by ALRI) >> Languages in Namibia (1998) >> Languages in Botswana (1997) >> Languages and cultures in southern Africa (1996) >> Setswana: language change in a changing society (1991) Doctoral Dissertations • Ongoing >> A linguistic description of Ndegereko (Tanzania), Eva-Marie Ström• Completed >> Linguistic Landshapes. A comparison of official and non-official language management in Rwanda and Uganda, focusing on the position of African languages , Tove Rosendal (2010) >> The status and use of African languages in Sudan, Helene Fatima Idris (2007) >> A linguistic description of Kagulu (Tanzania), Malin Petzell (2007) >> Literacy practices in an educational setting (N.W. Tanzania), Åsa Wedin (2004) >> Changes in Ika, Joseph Onyeche (October 2002) >> Oriental influences in Kiswahili, Abdulaziz Y. Lodhi (May 2000) >> A comparative study of Bantu noun classes, Jouni F. Maho (November 1999)
Keywords: African Studies; African languages; university
Countries: Africa. General Resources
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Language » Languages of African Origin
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