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Seminar für Ländliche Entwicklung - HU Berlin
Title: Seminar für Ländliche Entwicklung - HU Berlin
Creator: Universität <Berlin, Humboldt-Universität> / Seminar für Ländliche Entwicklung
Abstract: "The Centre for Advanced Training in Rural Development (SLE) is an organisational unit of the Agricultural-Horticultural Faculty at the Humboldt University of Berlin (...). Its main task is to implement a one-year supplementary training programme. Other areas of work include consultancy and research as well as seminars and workshops on special topics of international cooperation." The Centre cooperates with the University Eduardo Mondlane in Maputo, Mozambique. The website offers information on the training programme as well as many fulltexts. [according to site editor’s information] [supplemented]
Keywords: development; development policy; development studies / sociology of development; development cooperation; university
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