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Africa Great Lakes Democracy Watch
Title: Africa Great Lakes Democracy Watch
Creator: Africa Great Lakes Democracy Watch
Abstract: "Our objective is to promote the institutions of democracy, social justice, Human Rights, Peace, Freedom of Expression, and Respect to humanity in Rwanda, Uganda, DR Congo, Burundi, Sudan, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia. We strongly believe that Africa will develop if only our presidents stop being rulers of men and become leaders of citizens. We support Breaking the Silence Campaign for DR Congo since we believe the democracy in Rwanda means peace in DRC." You will find background articles, news, eyewittness accounts and more. [according to site editor’s information] [supplemented]
Keywords: Human rights; Great Lakes ; democratisation; equality / equal rights; Human Rights; genocide
Countries: Eastern Africa. General Resources;
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Subject areas: Politics » Domestic Affairs;
Politics » Conflict & Security;
Politics » Human Rights & Law
Resource type: News;
Topical Websites
Language: English
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