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Africa Centre, Dublin, Ireland
Title: Africa Centre, Dublin, Ireland
Creator: Africa Centre <Dublin>
Abstract: "Africa Centre was founded in the year 2000 by a group of activists in the African immigrant community who wanted the community to have a voice and promote their active participation in Irish society. The organisation was officially launched in October 2001 by the then South African Ambassador to Ireland (...)" [according to site editor’s information]
Table of contents: Work Areas• Community Empowerment >> Refugee Program >> Cross Boarder Initiative >> Sustainable Employment >> Anti Racism Initiative >> African Health Initiative >> Civic Participation Initiative >> African Youth Society >> Africa Day• Development Education >> Annual Lecture >> Moonlight Talks >> Working With The Media >> Africa Also Smiles >> Exploring Africa Course >> Training for Trainers >> Portraying the developing world >> Development Resources >> Bloom >> Research / Report• Research and Policy• Capacity Education
Keywords: image of Africa; education; development; society; political commitment
Countries: Africa. General Resources
Subject areas: Society » Society;
Further Subjects
Location of the site's editor: Ireland
Resource type: Economic Societies, Professional Organisations, Trade Associations, Pressure Groups
Language: English
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