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Nação Ovimbundu
Title: Nação Ovimbundu
Title alternative: Ovimbundu Nation
Creator: Nação Ovimbundu
Abstract: Website with articles about the Ovimbundu, whi make up about one third of Angolas population. You will find articles on history, anthropology, politics, language, personalities (writers, ...), education, psychology and more. Furthermore, you will find a dictionary Umbundu <-> Portuguese and small lessons on Umbundu grammar. [editors ilissAfrica]
Keywords: Umbundu; Ovimbundu; African languages; history; cultural identity; personality; politics
Countries: Angola
Subject areas: Society » Society;
Language » Languages of African Origin;
Ethnology » Identity;
History & Geography » Generalities
Location of the site's editor: Angola
Resource type: Topical Websites;
Manuals, Checklists, Guidelines, Teaching Material, Tutorials;
Collections of Working Papers, Preprints
Language: Portuguese
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