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Afrika beklauen!
Title: Afrika beklauen!
Creator: Ebner, Fiona; Renard, Felix; Schuster, Rebecca; Fischer, Katja; Mahlow, Christian; Nagel, Malin; Eitel, Verena; Hendes, Juliane
Abstract: A group of young dramatic advisers / dramaturgs and theater scholars working on ways of life and arts in Africa, specifically in Burkina Faso, also referring to Christoph Schlingensief's opera project. [editors ilissAfrica]
Keywords: perceived public image / perception by others; colonialism; cultural policy; art; theatre
Countries: Africa. General Resources;
Burkina Faso
Subject areas: Culture & Arts » Cultural Policy;
Culture & Arts » Theatre, Dance
Location of the site's editor: Germany. General Resources
Resource type: Weblogs
Language: German
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